The Gish Gallop Party

Surprisingly, I don't see any tea party types worried that Romney "won" the debate by backtracking on so many of his primary promises ("If my tax cuts for the wealthy will increase the deficit, then I won't do the tax cuts.").

But that may be because in his debating style, they finally recognized him as one of their own. Romney's debating style was heavily borrowed from the creationist and climate change denying crowds. It even has a name: Gish Gallop.

It's style over substance with the Gish-Gallop crowd. As long as Romney argues like them, they don't care that he shook that etch-a-sketch and sounded like the out-of-town roofing contractor who cruises your neighborhood after a hail storm.

The Seinfeld effect

More people will read a rant about the overuse of "Really!" because of Seinfeld's hilarious letter to the NY Times editor riffing on it.