Traffic engineering search-and-replace

A few months ago, Norman changed its traffic signals.  At left turns, instead of a steady green light for "yield", we now have flashing yellow arrows. The first couple of times, the flashing yellow arrow was a surprise, but then I got used to it.  It is better to distinguish between a green for go and a green for yield.  Hurray for change.

Yesterday, I found myself waiting for a light at a T-intersection. The light changed ... and I saw that we had a flashing yellow arrow for the left lane (to turn left) and a flashing yellow arrow for the right lane (to turn right).  But wait a second, who are we yielding to?  After all, at a T-intersection, there is no traffic coming from the other side ...

Is this a simple case of search-and-replace where they changed all turn lane signals to flashing arrows without thinking through the scenarios?