Preserving figs

We've suddenly discovered the drawbacks of growing figs in Oklahoma -- by the time it's warm enough for figs to start appearing, it's end of summer and frosty nights are here.

What do you do with 5 pounds of unripe figs? The internet to the rescue ... figs in sugar syrup!

Fig preserves turn out to be quite easy to make.  A little time-consuming, but easy. You start by almost quartering the figs and washing the milk off them:
And then you immerse it in water, boil it and drain.
Rinse and repeat.

The last time around, you boil it in sugar syrup that has lemon peel, lemon juice and cloves. Amounts are to taste. I used half the sugar of the recipes I found on the internet, and it is sweet enough.

Let it cool, and bottle it up:
I got three big bottles of fig preserves.

Something tells me the kids are going to be sick of fig preserves by next week.