New feature: Interesting reads

I've added a new section to my blog, to point to interesting things I've read recently.

For example, today's list includes an article discussing whether we (in developed countries) contribute to the endemic problem of child labor in third-world countries. It comes to the surprising conclusion that the way to reduce child labor is to actually increase trade -- the richer a society gets, the less its children work. In other words, child labor is driven not by supply (of employment opportunities) but by demand.

The other article in the list points to a paper on how the English Channel separated Britain from continental Europe -- an ice age torrent , apparently. Explains the Dover cliffs.

If you are reading my blog through a RSS reader, you can subscribe to the article feed too. If you are reading the blog by visiting the web page, you can see the article links to the right.

But ... if you are reading the blog by visiting it, you should give RSS readers a try. They're great. I use Google Reader, but there are others, including desktop clients. In fact, the article links are generated automatically by me sharing selected articles from my feed. Unfortunately, I've not figured how to add comments to articles I share. Until then, you have to read the articles without my gloss.

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