Me have an accent?

K., a colleague from work, is also in DC this week. So we met at a Spanish restaurant near Chinatown, in downtown DC last night.  After dinner, I went looking for green tea ice cream (I love green tea ice cream) but Washington DC's Chinatown is too gentrified. No green tea ice cream. They did have moon cakes though, although it was sized for American appetites and I didn't feel like pigging out.

Anyway, this morning, I told my class that I'd gone to a Tapas restaurant yesterday and that the place was surprisingly lively for a Thursday evening. "A very happening place," I informed them.

A student in the back looked at me with a horrified look.  "Where did you go again?," she asked.

"A Tapas restaurant," I repeated, "you know a Spanish restaurant."

"Oh," she sighed in relief, "I thought you said 'topless' restaurant".

My accent's not that bad.

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