Google Maps not reliable anymore

I've long been a user and fan of Google Maps -- its user interface and data mining simply can't be beat. In places like New York City, it even links to train and ferry timings, so you can get combination walking+public transport directions.

But the quality of their directions has dropped. Earlier this month, I needed walking directions in Syracuse and was directed to a spot a quarter-mile away and on the other side of the interstate. This would be bad enough if you are driving, but when you are walking, it's a disaster. If I'd known the walking path would require me to take a 1-mile detour to cross the interstate, I'd have taken a taxi!

Why is the map location so bad? Google's stopped buying map data and is instead using internal data. So, the quality of the maps is now much poorer; they're relying on user reports to correct errors and bring the maps to the old quality. Did I report that error in the location of the Syracuse building I was getting to? No, I didn't. Few people will.

Use Google Maps with care.

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