The Bronx paradox: why obese people are also the most hungry

The "Bronx paradox" is hard to get your mind around: in America, the most obese individuals are also the most hungry. It is truly a paradox: after all, if you are obese, shouldn't you be having too much food rather than not enough?

The explanation goes something like this: obesity in America is a marker of poverty. The individual may be obese not because they have too much food but because the only food they can eat is unhealthy -- healthful foods are more expensive. But if they have food -- healthy food or unhealthy food -- why they are hungry? I assume that's also a function of poverty -- they may have unhealthy food early in the month (when they've just been paid) and no food at the end of the month.

p.s. With this in mind, go read this know-nothing, nasty bit of work.

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