The morning's the hard part

The wife had to go out of town on business and so I am a single dad this week.  The kids' school bus comes at 7.20am but I'm simply not a morning person. Consequently, the first question the wife has every day is about how the morning went.  Meaning, did the three of us manage to wake up on time?

Even the kids must have had their doubts. Monday, I got up at 6am and started to pack their lunches and make breakfast when the 6-year old came to the kitchen.  Apparently she'd been sleeping very lightly, waking up every hour or so to check the time.  Consequently, the kids were both ready to go at 7am. As the week's gone though, the kids are getting harder and harder to roust. Their trust is returning, and with that their usual morning lethargy. I can't blame them; I'm looking forward to next week when I can go back to sleeping in every morning!

p.s. I haven't seen the movie in the poster, but a friend mentioned the movie when I mentioned that I was solo parenting this week.  What's with the misanthropy underlying any movie about dads and kids?

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