The way to be wacky in Oklahoma: be a Buckeye

S2, the six-year-old, is explaining to me that tomorrow is "Wacky Penguin Day" in her class. They are learning about birds, and tomorrow, they are all supposed to come to school dressed as wacky as they can be.

I'm interested because S2 is the polar opposite of whatever wacky means. She likes to gussy things up, to look pretty.  She's the type of person who comes home with a flyer about a "Daddy-Daughter dance" and insists that we sign up, so that she can wear a dress with a bow on it.

"So how are you going to dress for Wacky Penguin Day?"

"You know that Ohio State shirt you got me? I'm going to wear that. That would look wacky, right Appa?"


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