My second android app

When Android first came out, a colleague and I put together a quick Android app to find the temperature given the latitude and longitude of the phone. Then, we lost interest in Android -- most of our work involves algorithms to process data from weather sensors. Not in creating tools for consumption.

Still, Android looks interesting. So, today when I had a couple of hours with nothing better to do, I decided to try creating a more modern Android app.  It turned out to be surprisingly easy.

The app is a "WordRace". Given a set of 8 letters, you try to create as many words from them as possible. Here is a snapshot of my first game on my app.  Even if I say so myself, the app is quite interesting. I wouldn't mind playing with this app to pass away a half-hour waiting for a plane ...

I plan to add a timer and some color. Then, I may put the app on Android Market (free of course). Let's see how that goes. Knowing me, I may lose interest by then.

p.s. I did add a timer and color, but didn't go through with putting the app on Android Market. You can download WordRace here though and install it directly. For screenshots of the finished see my blog entry on the finished Android word game.

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