Depravity on all sides

Ugh. The country's debt ceiling something that (in the words of the 14th Amendment) should not have been questioned at all. Yet, it has. And this is due to the depravity of both Congress and the President.

When Congress votes a budget, it implicitly approves the spending and revenues. It's ridiculous that there is a separate vote on the bottom line that is divorced from any hard decisions about what spending to cut.  Just to protect themselves from the electoral consequences of making such hard decisions, Congress was willing to jeopardize our economy.

Meanwhile, Obama should have refused to negotiate all at on this topic. He has had several outs proposed to him, any of which would have worked. Instead, he chose the worst of all possible deals, mainly so that in 2012 he can claim to have negotiated a "bipartisan" deal.  But bipartisan does not mean "right".

This focus by Congress and President Obama on elect-ability is depraved and shows a total lack of character.  Forget about "country first".  It seems that "country" was never considered by any of the parties in this charade.

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