The Nook Touch is worse than the Original Nook

At a time when we take technological progress for granted, it's terrible when new versions of a good product are not as good as the old ones.  What were the designers thinking?

I love my Nook e-reader (the "Original Nook"). I can borrow books from the public library, regardless of where in the world I am.  It's no strain on the eyes (I have read 14 hours straight on planes). The Nook has an expandable micro-USB slot, so I can put my music library on it and listen to music as I read.  It's a self-contained travel companion.

But it's been a couple of years since I bought the Nook and the battery life is not what it used to me.  Now, I get only 7 to 8 hours (in airplane mode: I have not used the WiFi much).  So, I started musing about getting a new one.

The new Nook Touch is better in some ways. It has a white background (the Original Nook had the color of parchment), so that letters stand out more.  It does away with the ugly, useless LCD screen and makes the entire surface touch-enabled.

But ... there is no audio jack.  What? No music when I read? Why on earth would they get rid of a really useful feature like that?  When the battery runs out, I'll take it to Interstate Batteries and ask them if they carry replacement batteries. That, or, buy the Amazon Touch.  It does sport an audio jack, and it now supports public library books.

No New Nook for me.

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