Oklahoma state questions: my thoughts

I'm sure there have been TV ads and such regarding the state questions this year, but I haven't watched TV in a while.  So, based on my reading of the state questions for my precint, this is what I am thinking.  I'm quite open to suggestions and corrections, so feel free to chime in.  Unlike say, a certain election for commander-in-chief, my mind's not made up on any of these topics.

(758/358) Changes the cap on increases in real-estate taxes from 5% to 3% on property.

I am inclined to vote "No".  Capping property taxes is why California's excellent education system unraveled.  We already have a 5% cap. Let's not make it worse.

(759/359) No affirmative action programs in employment, education and contracting.

In general, I am for anything that helps guarantee equality of opportunity and against anything that seeks to enforce equality of outcomes. So, I agree completely with avoiding affirmative action in contracting and employment. But I am torn about affirmative action in education. It can and should be about equality of opportunity but it now mostly favors affluent minority kids at the expense of everyone else.  On the grounds that 2.5/3 is a pretty good ratio for a state question, I will vote "Yes".

(762/360) Remove governor from parole process, leaving it to a board.

I agree. We need to reduce the prison population in this state, and since politicians are reluctant to do anything that could conceivably cause blowback, a technocratic solution might be best

(764/361) Allow Oklahoma Water Resources Board to issue bonds.

This is an organization that makes loans to towns within the state, and these bonds are a way to finance these projects.  Since the individual bonds will be voted on by the communities who take on the projects and loans, there is nothing to see here.  Vote yes.

(765/362) Abolish Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services.  Instead, create a new agency to do the job that DHS currently does.

This is a bipartisan reform effort headed by Republican Greg Treat and supported by minority leader Sean Burrage.  So, give them the benefit of the doubt. Vote yes.

(766/363) Exempt all intangible personal property (patents, land leases, licenses, trademarks, etc.) from taxation based on the value of property.

How is the revenue lost here going to be made up?  The "land lease" seems ot imply that this is something inserted by oil special interests. Vote no.

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