Casually full of verve

JK Rowling's first book after the Harry Potter series, Casual Vacancy, seems to be getting rather poor reviews. I think it may be all the new adults expecting the author they grew up with to remain stuck in the School of Magic.

As someone who found the Harry Potter books rather juvenile (of course! consider their audience), her new book was an eyeopener. JK Rowling can write! And make trenchant observations. The Casual Vacancy somehow rises past its rather humdrum plot to become a story of what life is like in the 21st century.  It brings to mind the great English novels -- the Victorian ones, with their large casts, careful plots, observations about the fine distinctions of class and Dickensian morals. Except that it has been updated for modern Britain. But you will recognize America in there too. All rich countries these days are alike.

Highly recommended.  It is high literature that manages to point at the injustice of modern life while always remaining a very entertaining read.

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