A's invite

A couple of years ago, A. had a barbeque party in a state park.  A's invite was surreal, with some phrases that could easily be misinterpreted.

D. couldn't find the party, so he asked a parked cop for help.  Showing the invite to the cop so that the cop could read the address. The cop read more than just the address.  He read the whole invite. "Follow me," he said and so it was that D. brought the police to A's party.

So, yesterday, A. sends out an invite to a barbeque. Except that it's at his home this year.  "New home," he says, although they've now lived there a year now. Perhaps with cops firmly in mind, one line of the invite reads "If you're under 21, no beer for you sucka!"

And the funniest thing about all this?  About 10 minutes after A. sends out the flyer, he sends out another email.  Apparently his wife had reminded him that he'd got the address wrong.  Not just a typo -- his invite sported a 4-digit number completely different from their actual 3-digit one.

Any doubts about A's profession?

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