Find the odd one out

We spent the weekend driving up north and east to Chicago.  Just past the Oklahoma-Missouri border,  we saw a sign for the George Washington Carver National Monument and took the exit -- with two kids in tow, this was a welcome diversion.  The monument is at the site of his childhood home: secluded, wooded but stil a farm. Very much a scene of the Ozarks.  It's easy to recognize how such a childhood would prepare him for a lifetime of botanical research. With our luck, we happened to visit on the very weekend that a temporary trailer was being closed down and the exhibits moved to their permanent home. But the mile-long trail through the woods was great.

The five-year old was very impressed, but mostly with the name. "Now I know four Georges," he informed us as we were driving back from the monument.  George Washington who is our first president. George Bush who is our president now. And George Washington Carver . And George the Monkey.

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  1. Re: Find the odd one out, my vote is for George Bush.