Second worst job in science

Popular science magazine has an article on the ten worst jobs in science. While you can read most of the article for laughs, the second worst job, that of an oceanographer "Nothing but bad news", is quite sobering:

Scientists estimate that overfishing will end wild- seafood harvests by 2048 and that Earth's coral reefs will be rubble within decades. About 200 deoxygenated "dead zones" dot the world's coasts, up from 149 in 2004. Meanwhile, a vortex of plastic the size of Texas clogs the North Pacific, choking fish and birds; construction is destroying coastal habitats; and countless key marine species are nearly extinct. To top it all off, if global warming goes the way scientists predict, the uptick of carbon dioxide levels in the seas will acidify the water until little more than jellyfish can live there. With so much going on, there's plenty of work for oceangoing scientists—if they can stomach bad news.

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