Gluttony or finickiness

S1 ran in the OKC kids marathon today. At the end of the marathon, they were handing out food -- bananas, apples, waters and a hamburger. This person has, like most of the others, fully eaten the hamburger (at 9am in the morning!) but left the apple untouched:
The next one is a picture from the 89er day parade last week where people riding the floats throw candy to spectators lining the street. This kid sure has been busy. Notice all the half-eaten candy wrappers on his blanket.
What's the opposite of such gluttony? Self-restraint, I would think. But people just go to the other extreme, becoming way too finicky about the food. Again, from the day of the 89er day parade, a notice on the billboard of a local organic produce store:
What happened to good old moderation in matters of food?
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