Deadlines without consequences

I picked up the kids at their art camp and gave them the bad news.

"I have some work to do, so we are going back to my office and when that's done, I'll take you swimming."

"What work do you have to do?"

"I have to finish writing a paper."

"What are you going to draw on the paper?"

"Not draw. It's like the book report that you wrote in class. I have to write about the research that I'm doing."

"Why can you not do it tomorrow morning?"

"Because the deadline is today."

"What's a deadline?"

"Like when Amma tells you that you have to finish eating by 7pm?  That's a deadline."

"Why is the deadline today?"

"Because they have to create a book of everybody's reports"

"What happens if you don't finish by the deadline?"

"I will finish writing the paper by the deadline."

"But what will happen if you don't finish the paper?"

"Umm ... I will finish."

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