Fighting modernity: the apostolic visitation edition

The Vatican is investigating nuns in the US. The truly amazing thing? The investigation takes the form of a "apostolic visitation" which usually is carried out when something truly scandalous happens:
Church historians said that the Vatican usually ordered an apostolic visitation when a particular institution had gone seriously astray. In the wake of the priest sexual-abuse scandal, the Vatican ordered a visitation of American seminaries. It is now conducting a visitation of the Legionaries of Christ, a men’s order whose founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, sexually abused young seminarians, fathered a child and was accused of financial improprieties. He died in 2008.
Neeedless to say, American nuns are not abusing choir boys or stealing parish money. They're just too modern for Vatican tastes. Many of them do not live in convents or wear black habits. Some of them teach in non-Catholic universities. Gallingly, some of them have publicly protested against a male-only priesthood.

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