S1's pictures

A few more of S1's pictures. Obviously, we can't save all of them. But I can definitely save digital photographs ...

He madea drawing of me in my study. That's not a cross above my head -- it's a fan. It's pretty much a catalogue of the main stuff in the scene -- a window to my right, a tree seen through the window, a picture on the wall to my left, a glass-topped table with thin legs ... He's learned perspective in his art classes, but somehow he didn't see fit to incorporate it into this drawing. He started to color the background, then moved on.
This story book is another unfinished project. "Unfinished" is being charitable. He thought of the title and decided that it would be funny to use a Dr. Seuss-like font on the cover. He started to write one page and then got distracted. So, I have a one-page manuscript. Nicely colored though.
A bird in flight:
A bird on a window sill ... notice that the bird is walking on the sill, away from the center, giving the whole scene some tension. He's also experimenting with perspective here, with the tree and the bird being the same size.
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