Zipping in an unforeign land

It's easy to forget in Whistler, BC that you are not in a national park but merely in a very pretty city. This, below, is a view of Fitzsimmons Creek, the creek that separates Whistler from Blackcomb. I took it from a canopy in the rainforest.
This is what one of those canopies looks like from the ground. They're attached to these old-growth Douglas firs. What are those cables that lead from the canopies?
Harnessed to those cables, you can go zipping across the creek. Here I am doing the zip upside down. Loads of fun.
A blog entry about Canada would not be complete without my pet peeve about the country. It feels so unforeign, so ... American. Look at this sign about disappearing forests. Look closely. What country is on the map depicted? Really!

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