Nobel to the new Soviet chairman?

We are the new Soviet Union. In the eyes of the Nobel committee, anyway. They gave the prize to Gorbachev, in 1990, not for what he had done but for what he had started: Perestroika. This was to strengthen his hand against anti-reformers. That seems to be what they are thinking when they give the peace prize to Obama, not for what he has done, but for the process of engagement that he has started. They're afraid that neoconservatives will push back this reform, so they want to strengthen Obama's hand.

But still ... for speeches? Take some comparable awards: Wilson created the League of Nations; Willy Brandt reunified Germany; Al Gore gave voice to global warming; Carter brokered peace between Israel and Egypt. Barack Obama has made 3 speeches. I know, I know, I sound like Hillary Clinton. But ... yikes!

p.s. Bill Clinton of course brokered peace in Northern Ireland. He's got to be downright pissed.

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