Let It Snow ... let it snow ... let it snow

Ever since Thanksgiving, we have been having a really cold spell. Today, however, was gorgeous. A sunny, 70 degree day in mid-December!

Since we were out the week of Thanksgiving, I missed the chance to put up Christmas lights in nice weather. I thought I could omit the whole lights thing this year, but the nice weather today took away my excuse. The kids wheedled me into putting the lights up this morning.

Last week's cold spell also pointed out a couple of drafty windows. So, I spent the rest of the morning caulking.

In the afternoon, the wife decided the cars were beaucoup dirty. S1, she and I spent the afternoon washing the cars.

And such nice weather! Wouldn't it be great to grill something? I guess ... time for me to break out the backyard grill to smoke eggplants for Bhaigan Bharta ...

Am I ready for cold weather or what?

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