School bond issue: a fair trade

The school bond vote yesterday was closer than most -- Oklahoma requires a supermajority (60%) to raise taxes and so the school bond issue that passed with 65% of the vote was rather close.

I voted the bond issue, but only reluctantly, but not for the reason that animated much of the opposition. Much of the opposition centered around the fact that these bonds are for 5 years, instead of the typical 1 year.

I have no problem with a 5-year bond. Since these things require a super-majority, it's more predictable if a 4-year project can be funded through completion. You might get lower bids on the construction contracts too. Besides, interest rates are really low now and a 5-year bond takes advantage of that.

What I did not like was some of the uses of the money: for curtains, resurfacing athletic fields and the like. But I suppose there are parents who'd find money for science labs wasteful too. A reasonable trade -- they get their athletic fields and I get my science labs.

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