The bustling navel of Inca civilization

Because I usually get many more Facebook comments on my posts, I think you find these Peru blog posts either too numerous or a bit boring ... but I've started, so I don't want to stop. Instead, I'll wrap these up quickly.

Cuzco, which used to be the Inca's capital, is still a bustling city. We saw lots of artists at work and the local market was full of life.
It is full of Inca monuments, but what remains is only a fraction of what used to be. The Spaniards destroyed the pagan temples and, in many cases, built churches over them. They also dynamited many walls because they believed the walls contained gold or silver. The museums in the city are also incredible, but what blows them all away is the quartet of Inca ruins at Sasqawaman (below). I hope Machu Picchu, to which we are leaving tomorrow, is not a disappointment.

Returning from Sasqawaman, this herd of sheep stopped the van. Very romantic, no?

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