A disappointing start

I refrained from updating this blog while the wife and I were in Peru because ... who wants the grief of being robbed while away?

I'll use my pictures to recreate the trip, trying my best to not let later events influence my posts.

Our trip started rather disappointingly. We flew into Lima and stayed the night in Miraflores -- the posh neighborhood of Lima. We had to leave the next morning for Puno, though, so all we could do was to take a quick walk around in the early morning. It was only when we were on the van headed towards the airport that we realized that if we had stuck with our walk a little more, we'd have at least gotten to see the beach.

Just in case you missed that: we fly into the "gastronomic capital of Latin America" too late to have dinner and fly out too early to experience Lima's Pacific coastline. This is the first time we've ever done a package tour and this is not a good start.

I sure hope the rest of the trip goes better.

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