Off the bandwagon

Okay, I am off the Obama bandwagon. I'm sorry that I voted for the guy.

Why? I'm counting only the issues that the executive branch could fix unilaterally, without any effort from Congress.

  1. The treatment of Bradley Manning shows that the US government under Obama still stoops to torture. This is the moral issue of our times and our government's behavior -- keeping him naked, in solitary isolation even before he comes to trial -- is obnoxious.
  2. The soft-gloved treatment of the financial industry and the subsequent revolving door where the architects of the policy leave to take multi-million-dollar jobs at bailed out firms reeks of corruption.
  3. His economic policies have failed. At his first press conference, Obama listed three ways of verifying the success of his economic policies: 4 million new jobs, functioning credit markets and stemmed foreclosures. On 2/3 of his own criteria for success, his policies have failed.
  4. He's gotten us involved in a tribal war in Libya. It's one thing to support the people in a modern nation like Egypt or Tunisia. But Libya, Yemen, etc. are tribal societies and the rebellion in Benghazi is not democratic yearning -- it's merely that the Eastern tribes want to take over from Qadaffi's Western tribes.
Don't tell me the other guy would have been worse. That's no consolation.

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