Socialist paradise

Man, is Switzerland socialist or what?

Nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- was open at 9.30am. Many of the shops' hours were posted as 2pm to 6pm. A 4-hour schedule! Geneva is practically France, so that might explain it.

When you check in to any hotel, they give you a card that lets you ride public transport within Geneva for free. Obviously that means that the cost of public transport is rolled into the hotel taxes whether you want it or not. But, it's very convenient all the same, to be able to hop on/off any bus you want. No body checks for tickets because the locals all have passes (I suppose) and the tourists get all get "free" tickets. As you exit the airport, there's a machine that dispenses free tickets on public transport to the city center. Because everyone uses public transport, the buses are frquent and quite nice. We can learn something from them.

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