Tornado near Chickasha on May 24, 2011

This tornado destroyed a mobile home park near Chickasha.

The last time I went storm chasing was, oh, 15 years ago. At that time, we had keep calling back to home base to orient ourselves with-respect to storms. Having 3G coverage and radar data auto-update in the car is a sea-change!

Thanks to G.S. for chasing with me ... A great experience for us, but obviously a horrible one for the poor people who lost their homes. Greg's posted the second part of his video on You-Tube. The voices you are hear are Greg, his daughter and me.

p.s. The tornado was not headed towards Norman -- it was headed towards Moore, but an earlier storm had just taken a hard-right turn, and so we were apprehensive about this one also taking a hard right turn and heading towards Norman. The storm did not turn, and it dissipated so the entire metro area escaped.

p.s2: CNN  has a video of the tornado taken just a little bit earlier to the one above. We were in the parking lot that is shown being taken out i.e. we watched the tornado form and got out of the lot barely 10 minutes before the tornado hit it.

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