Using the Nook Color as a wireless projection device

I got a Nook Color and promptly rooted it. I then installed a VNC server on the Nook Color and a VNC client on my Windows laptop.  The idea is that if the laptop is connected to a projector, you can page through a slide show on the Nook, and whatever you see on your Nook will be reflected on the laptop and hence on the projector. The major advantage is that you gain mobility when giving presentations. You don't need to be stuck behind your laptop anymore.

See video here:
Instructions to do this:

  1. Buy a Nook Color.
  2. Set up WiFi.
  3. Register it with Barnes and Noble.
  4. Root the Nook Color following the instructions at Cyanogenmod. Make sure to also install Google Apps, especially Android Market, following their instructions.
  5. Set up WiFi.
  6. Get onto Android Market and search for VNC. You need a VNC server, not a VNC client. I installed the Droid VNC server.  It's basic, but it works.
  7. Download and install a VNC client for your laptop. I installed VNC Viewer.
  8. Start the VNC server on your Nook. It will give you an IP address.
  9. Start the VNC client on your laptop using the IP address.
  10. You are done. Enjoy.
Going forward, if you want to do a wireless projection, this is what you need:
  1. A PC that is on a WiFi network running a VNC client
  2. Connect the Nook to the same WiFi
  3. Load up your presentation on your Nook Color
Since most conference rooms now have WiFi, this is a pretty workable solution. You may need to talk to the organizers beforehand to have them install VNC client on the computer they hook up to their projector.


  1. 1. Why do you need to register?
    2. Can the Nook be a Viewer?

  2. The registration is just so that you can still use the Nook to read B&N books and so that you can reverse the root later if you want to.

    Yes, the Nook can be a viewer. In that case, install the VNC viewer on the Nook and the VNC server on the PC.