How to make your nutritionist fall off her chair

Near the end of a dinner with some colleagues, I see one of them frantically noting down what she'd eaten for dinner. Turns out that she'd just started consulting a nutritionist (just that day!) and had been asked to keep a journal of what she was eating.

Hence, the list.  Put yourself in the nutritionist's shoes. The very first day, your new client sends over this list of what she ate for dinner.

In case you can not read that, here is part of the list:

  1. oak leaf salad
  2. duck terrine with pistachio
  3. pigeon (shown in the picture above)
  4. monkfish
  5. profiteroles
  6. LBV port
  7. pork cassoulet

To add to the insult, there is a marking in the margin. It says, in nice big letters, "1st night".

There is more of this $#@% coming?

What are the odds that somebody is going to be looking for a new nutritionist pretty soon?

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