Stick a fork in me ...

Stick a fork in me 'cos I'm done.  What's done? The draft of my book (working title: "Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids: A Practitioner's Guide to Data Mining Geospatial Images") is off to the publisher (Springer Verlag). It will be a couple of months before the book gets a ISBN number and can be preordered.

I started writing the book the last week of August and now the draft is 320 pages consisting of 80,000 words and 400 illustrations.  As you can see from the graph, writing was difficult at the start.  Once I got going though, I managed four months of rather steady progress:

Thanks to everyone's patience with me as I was burrowed deep  into the woodwork. You will see me out more often now, blinking in the sunshine.

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