Strange time zones

Gazing at the time zone map of the world, it strikes me that there are all kinds of strange things going on.

The strangest though must be the +8 zone that starts with Western Australia and continues northward to include Beijing and Shanghai.  But notice that all of China is in the same time zone! I didn't realize that the Chinese do not believe in time zones. Not only should everyone speak Mandarin, they should live and work on Beijing time. Even stranger is that Russian time zones in Siberia are offset. Thus, the +8 time zone includes the territory that should normally be +7. Maybe it is because of the cold and low-light i.e. Siberia works on a permanent daylight savings time!

India has no timezone either, but in a smarter, more inclusive way.  Because the country is mostly north-south, they divided up the difference and so the whole country is +5 1/2 instead of being +5 and +6 (this explains why India is shown hashed).  A little weird in that time corrections are not whole numbers, but once you are in the country, it's a highly workable system.   Venezuela seems to have had the same idea.

But ... where else is it hashed? Australia! Why on earth are the central provinces in Australia in different time zones? And why are they offset a non-integer number of hours?

What's with Spain and Germany?  Spain ought be +0 and Germany ought to be +2, but they picked the same timezone as France.

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