Not the Whole Truth

The ten-year-old's class is going to be taking tests all of next week. This is part of the whole No-Child-Left-Behind bench-marking as far as I can tell. The teachers are all quite nervous and since many Oklahoman kids come to school hungry, the teachers wanted some of the parents to send along nutritious breakfasts to the entire class. This is on the theory that a non-hungry kid might concentrate better on exam day.

The wife volunteered to send muffins for Monday morning.

The kid was lobbying for lemon-poppy-seed muffins. "Just make it out of a box you buy at the grocery store," he recommended.

"Why", I asked.  "So mom doesn't make something weird," he pleaded, "I want it to be normal."  That's his new mantra. He wants things to be normal, not weird. We are raising a total conformist!

"What kind of muffins are you making," asked the 10-year-old when he came in to see the mixer on the counter-top.

"Zucchini-carrot muffins," he was informed.

"Awwww!", said the kid. Of course he doesn't realize that this was not the only thing to awww about. He doesn't realize that "normal" muffins are made of all-purpose flour. All he's known his whole life has been whole-wheat stuff.

Later, he inspected the muffins. "Can I just tell people they are chocolate-chip?," he asked, "they are brown."

"No ... you can't make up stuff."

"I can't see the vegetables in them anyway.  And mom's put raisins in them. Can I just say they are raisin muffins?"

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  1. Oh, they are all conformists at this age. If they are not overly indulged in it, they will grow into their own people soon. I hope.

    G has TWO WEEKS of testing, since they can apparently only manage one two-hour test each day. Then they do NOTHING for the rest of the day. What a waste.