One more off the bucket list

I think I know why Disney chose Paris when they were looking for a place in Europe to put their new theme park -- Paris makes tourists get used to standing in long lines.

We waited 2.5 hours in line to enter the chateau at Versailles and ended up having no time to go around the gardens. Having learned our lesson, we got to the Louvre earlier. The line to enter it, which stretched over 1 kilometer, took "only" 1.5 hours.
Line to enter the Louvre was 1 km long
The palace at Versailles was rich and fascinating. I have seen palaces elsewhere, but nothing really compares to this one.  It's one thing to have a fancy chandelier
but a hall full of them?  No wonder royal heads rolled in the French revolution.

At the Louvre, we saw the "highlights" first.  The kids remained in the game through the Winged Victory, Wedding Feast at Cana, Mona Lisa to the Venus de Milo. And then their interest flagged. We never managed to interest them in seeing the Dutch paintings or the Egyptian wing ... oh, well!

Once we were in the palace and in the museum, the crowds ceased to be much of a problem -- you could always catch a moment at every spot, but it was rare that you would find the opportunity to take a photograph without a few strange faces in it.  And so, I got this one knocked off my bucket list:

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  1. If I had known you were going there I would have told you how to get into the louvre fast. If you have the tourist pass that gets you into lots of museums there is a special entrance. Every time we went there wasn't a line.