Becoming My Father

The kids made cards for Father's Day.

S2's card was strips of gift-wrap paper pasted to look like a tie. The  background of the card was another gift-wrap paper

"Your watch is so boring," S2 informed me, "you need to get watches like these ones on my card."

"These are not watches," I told her, "these are compasses."

"My teacher said they were watches," said S2.

S1, who never misses a chance to put his sister down chimed in: "S2's teacher doesn't even know the difference between a watch and a compass!"

"No, the teacher probably said it was a compass, but S2 heard it wrong," I said.

This is exactly what my father would have said.  When I was growing up, my teachers were never wrong or even mistaken. If they'd said something that was incorrect, I would be told that I must have misheard the teacher or missed some nuance of what the teacher was saying.

"Listen properly in class next time!", I would be told.  Looks like I am carrying the lesson forward.

Happy Father's Day.

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