Children walking to school

An Atlantic writer notes:

But in this one afternoon in Mumbai we came across many scenes of what can only be called roving bands of kids. They were playing cricket in dirt lots. They were throwing stones. They were playing tag. They were running around without watchful adults immediately in sight.

I was in Delhi recently, visiting the India Meteorological Department as part of a USAID project.

Well, the first thing that struck me was the smell of diesel , but the sight of children by themselves was not far behind.

Here's a photo I took of children going to school my first morning in Delhi. Note that they are walking to school by themselves. No watchful adult shepherding them along.

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  1. Oh no! Children walking to school without the watchful stare of neo-con parents? How un-american! And to think, such a different culture only 8000 miles away! You'd think they're on the other side of the world from this bizarre custom. I say, lets keep Indian parents out of starvation-wage jobs so they can walk their kids to school.