Vegan diets

Vegans never cease to amaze. I understand vegetarianism; mostly, we are vegetarian at home. But the idea of making half-assed soy substitutes for milk, hamburgers and sausages is incredibly stupid. Hindu and Buddhist societies that have integrated vegetarianism into their way of life have found ways of making vegetarianism both healthy and tasty. In other words, cook and eat good vegetarian meals. With milk and eggs.

The reason I bring all this up is that the dad of one of our vegan friends was relating the latest phase of his son's veganism. B. is a vegan out of a moral disgust at the treatment of animals by the food industry. But deciding that soy is not enough of a protein , he had decided that animals that hadn't been killed on purpose were ok to eat.

So, what's B. eating now for protein? Road kill! Squirrels.


  1. Classic little story. Thanks.

  2. Just stumbled across this post. Kind of blew my mind.

    How is caring about animal cruelty stupid, as you seem to suggest. How is refusing to participate in such cruelty stupid? I agree that your friend "B" sounds kind of deluded. But most vegans are eating healthy meals with more than adequate protein without any animal products, And generally enjoying extremely good health (better than most meat eaters anyway).

    In the modern world with current farming methods there is NO humanely produced milk, eggs, cheese, meat or fish. I applaud you for eating mostly vegetarian, which is more than most people are willing to do. But please don't denigrate those who are prepared to do even better.