Smoky Hotlanta

It's extremely smoky here in Atlanta with wildfires on the Florida border blowing smoke the couple hundred miles north. From my 11th floor window, I could see only a few hundred feet this morning. It reminds me of our smoked-out honeymoon. We'd flown to Kuala Lumpur, enroute to Tioman island but found that the island was essentially covered in smoke from forest fires in Indonesia.

Delhi and Kolkota, where I was a couple of months ago, were quite smoky too. But it was not a one-time phenomenon there, simply an every day problem caused by the diesel burnt during the morning rush hour. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have clean air -- thank Nixon for that, if for nothing else!  An EPA rating of cities by air pollution (0 is worst and 100 is best) gives Norman a 38.  By contrast, Houston gets a 1 and Atlanta gets a 12 . The US-wide average is 48, but I suspect you'd have to live out in the country to get that.

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