Off to school

It finally happened.  The 5-year old has been counting down the days to today. This morning he was off to school. He was absolutely excited and amazingly enough ready to go a full 30 minutes before the bus arrived (7.30 a.m ).

The 2-year old woke up as soon as he did and came to the street corner to send him off. She's been bearing the brunt of her brother's excitement. For the past few months, whenever they bicker, he'd start singing a ditty:
         S_'s not gonna go to school
         She's not even five
and reduce her to tears.  Today, she did fine for a while, even waving to him after he got on the bus but then she broke down.  "S. gone to school on the yellow school bus," she sobbed.  We consoled her saying that she'd be going to "2-year old" class soon.

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