A tropical storm!

We had planned to go on Sunday to the Chickasaw Recreation Area, about an hour south of Norman. There are a few kid-sized waterfalls there, so it's a good place for a family day trip.

Unfortunately we woke up to rain in the morning. "Is the rain going to go away?," the wife asked, so I dutifully pulled up the radar pictures from the real-time WDSS-II website -- this is probably the first time that I've used our system to make a decision that affects me personally. Usually, I just use the Norman forecast office's website.

Imagine my surprise when the radar image looked like a hurricane. "Must be Erin," I thought. But it was still weird to see the eye of a tropical storm over central Oklahoma.

Anyway, the straight line of storms south of the eye would pass Sulphur by 10am but the satellite visible showed continued cloud cover. No rain, but overcast. I felt safe in announcing that we could go. And we could. It turned out to be a pleasant day. The kids had awesome fun. The two-year old wanted to know if she could "come back tomorrow".

As we were driving south, we encountered periodic bands of rains. I tried to explain to my father-in-law that this was like a cyclone. But he didn't realize that there was something strange in having a cyclone this far inland.

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