Fleeing prosecution?

Before the oath-ceremony this morning (the wife and I became US citizens today), a lady was making a speech.

"I know some of you are fleeing prosecution," she said in the middle of her remarks.  No one in the audience as much as tittered, so I don't think anyone caught the slip.  But then, of course, for nearly all of the audience, English was a second language.

"What did she mean to say?," I wondered, "was she trying to say 'oppression'?".

I was relating the story to a colleague and he put his finger on the word she probably meant to say:  'persecution'.  As my colleague remarked, most of those fleeing prosecution are probably headed the other way (to Mexico).

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  1. Congratulations to both you and A!

    We need more citizens like you. I have no doubt that you are more informed about U.S. history, current events, and politics than most people who were born here. Not to mention science and logic...