Whose dress is it?

I was home alone, folding the laundry.  I picked up a blue garment and folded it but wasn't sure where the folded item went. The problem? I hadn't seen either the wife or the daughter wear this piece -- it must have been worn over the weekend, when I was in Washington DC -- and wasn't sure whose it was.

In favor of the hypothesis that it was our four-year-old daughter's frock:  it had the right length and sported a waist-band.  In favor of the hypothesis that it was the wife's: she's recently fallen hard for "baby-doll" dresses.

After turning it over a few times, I realized that the piece of clothing was not 100% cotton, making it more likely to be the daughter's than the mother's.  I'll learn in a few days if my deduction was right, or if I should have hung it in our daughter's closet.

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