Views of Madison

The SSEC building on the University of Wisconsin campus with weather satellite dishes and a MODIS receiver on the roof:
My seminar at the SSEC, advertised:
Wisconsin is, of course, the dairy state. The university has a well-known dairy program. One of the first patents ever applied for by a university was done here. The University of Wisconsin patented the method of adding Vitamin D to milk. The campus has a dairy farm; these silos are right next to the barn.
Wisconsin is also a swing state in elections. The Obama card is arranged a magazine cover and has an article titled "shop liberally on a conservative budget". The one with McCain is more earnest: "I'm am the true candidate of change".
Madison, though, is a progressive enclave in a state that is quite conservative. This is a bike path in Madison. Two lanes, well-paved and apparently promptly cleared during snow storms. The lighting is powered by solar panels.
A microbrew menu advertising beer infused with green tea:

A view of State Street, with the Wisconsin capitol:

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