How to beat the terrorists

The Indian media are full of articles blaming the police for their poor preparation. But this may not be fair.

Like suicide bombers, the terrorists in Mumbai were not interested in negotiating.  However, like the terrorists who attacked the Israeli athletes in Munich, these fellows aimed for publicity rather than damage.  This required the Indian police to formulate a new type of response in real-time.  This is according to an Israeli expert on terrorism and counterterrorism measures who writes (emphasis mine):
It is clear that the Indian security forces made some mistakes. However, mistakes are inherent in such crises. At the same time, given the complex nature of the attacks, it seems likely the death toll could have been much higher. After the initial confusion, the Indians seem to have done a thorough job of gathering intelligence and carefully planning their counterattacks. The execution itself was careful and thorough.
Unfortunately, we are in for brazen terrorist attacks that continually morph in technique -- what doesn't change is their ultimate goal. The terrorists this time failed to provoke either anti-Muslim riots or tensions along the India-Pakistan border.  We need to ensure that they don't succeed the next time either.  That is the only way to defeat terrorism in the long run. To not lose our cool.

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