The obedient spouse

Actually, I did go shopping on Black Friday.  With the kids.  As we came up to the counter to check out, I spied one of my colleagues and waved at him.

"You spend all your time at Hancock Fabrics, don't you?," he grinned.  His wife was ahead of him checking out, so he was probably doing the obedient-spouse thing. I was also being an obedient spouse, but the wife had simply sent me.  So, I had no proof. I had to nod and take it.

What the kids and I were doing was picking out fleece for blankets.  The kids got to each pick out two designs. My job was to make sure that they didn't overly clash.  Then, on Sunday, the wife, S1 and I made the two blankets.  S2, as is her wont, refused to pitch in.  Making the blankets was quite simple: lay out the pieces one over the other, cut fringes all around and tie them together.  This was the result:
The brown-yellow blanket is S1's -- it has an African motif on one side and an Indian motif on the other.  Wonder where S1 gets his tastes.  The pink/blue one is S2's.  Bugs, butterflies and clouds. Don't know where she gets her tastes from either. 

The two layers of fleece really make it nice and warm.  I may have to sneak over to Hancock's to buy me two more pieces of fleece.  A throw to huddle under when reading a book or watching TV ... make me warm just thinking about it!

And talking of watching TV,  a bunch of people came over on Saturday.  I made shrimp creole;  D., our guest, made ground turkey keema, grammy brought pecan pie and S1 made apple crisp. And we watched the OU-OSU game.  

It was a good game to watch with a bunch of screaming OU fans -- it didn't open up until the fourth quarter, but OU was ahead for most of the game. Unfortunately, we had to wait 12 more hours to find out if OU really did win -- the Big 12's rules for determining the winner of the division must have been designed by a Talmudic scholar. 

Now that we know that watching the game at our home doesn't jinx OU, maybe we can do the Big 12 party there too. Subject to spousal veto, of course.

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