Assimilating in fits and starts

I finally downloaded photographs taken over the last month on my cell phone. And wouldn't you know it ... they all seem to do with the immigrant experience.

This one is from Dallas. We went to a pizza place and found that the next table over was occupied by a couple of desi families dining together. Their kids were throwing tantrums, running around and, in general, being a bad example to ours! The photograph captures how the area around their table looked when they left -- the restaurant had to assign three people to do the cleanup.

I saw the next one on the fridge of a friend of ours who is himself an immigrant from a Muslim country. The photograph seems to have been taken in Europe and is of a Muslim man who is taking a picture of his women who are all in black, head-to-toe burqa. The hand-written caption under the photograph read: "The world's best photograph".

When we went to Dallas, we shopped at Indian grocery stores and restaurants. One of them must have sold our address because we soon got a very glossy advertisement brochure from a Dallas-based jewelry store. The interesting thing was that the brochure was so targeted -- the models wearing the jewels were all Indian models. The prices and sales pitches, though, were definitely American.

S2 (our four-year-old) plays with dolls, most of which are thin, white and blonde. I hadn't yet gotten to worrying about this, but it appears that I don't need to worry too much. I noticed today that she'd "marked up" one of her princess dolls:

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