PBS Documentary on India

PBS is running a 6-episode documentary on India Mondays starting Jan. 5. From the website on the program:
India is also the world's most ancient surviving civilization, with unbroken continuity back into prehistory ... This series sets out for the first time to ... show a world audience the wonders of India; the incredible richness and diversity of its peoples, cultures and landscapes; and the intense drama of its past, including some of the most momentous, exciting and moving events in world history.
I checked out a short clip from the documentary; it was on Madurai. Based on that, the documentary seems to be an awful lot of deep-throated narration accompanied by poor visuals and an ignorance of history. The Madurai Meenakshi temple mentioned in that video has amazingly intricate sculptures; why any one would prefer a distant view of temple spires is beyond me. There was also no mention of the (relatively recent) history of the temple -- from its destruction in the 13th century by Muslim invaders, to its triumphant rebuilding by a Hindu chieftain in the 14th century. Hopefully, the full series proves me wrong.

Which brings me to ... does anyone have a DVR? Can you record it? I don't want to buy the DVD if the full show is as bad as that short.

UPDATE: A friend, now living in Ireland, informs us that it ran there a few months ago and that it's well worth watching. So much for forming impressions based on snippets, eh?

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