Yuck! The ethics of Obama's cabinet

You know what I thought about Geithner's risible claim to have overlooked the need to pay self-employment taxes.  It was, I wrote, no different from Obama not paying his traffic tickets --- their attitude reeks of "laws are for the little people".

But Tom Daschle's corruption is on a wholly different scale.  Daschle didn't pay taxes on the car and driver given to him by a company interested in legislation coming out of Congress. The amount itself ($128,000) is not the issue -- the real scandal is what's legal (read the whole thing):
If Tom or Linda Daschle had secretly taken a free pair of Superbowl tickets from Northwest Airlines and then pushed the airline bailout plan, that would be a big story. But the fact that Tom Daschle takes thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Northwest and his wife's firm collects $200,000 a year to lobby for them is no problem at all.
You can see what's going to happen a couple of years from now. Daschle will be out of government then and collecting from all the health firms that he will do favor for while he is Secretary of Health.  Can Obama do no better than these corrupt people?

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